High proprietary capitalization. No Fees. Focused on big returns to our partners and the various communities we serve.

BlueArck isn’t your typical Private Equity firm – we were originally founded as a family office so our focus has always been on disciplined risk management and long-term value creation. At minimum, 50% of any fund we raise will consist of proprietary capital, giving our partners confidence that our firm is a responsible fiduciary, focused less on generating fees and more on capital appreciation.


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Our involvement in business operations can transform companies and their ability to grow, beyond simply providing investment capital.

Corporate Responsibility

Investing in Human Capital

When we re-launched as BlueArck, our goal was to create an investment management firm that would focus not only on capital appreciation, but would simultaneously – and immediately – have roots in giving back to the community. Corporate culture is an extremely important ingredient in the success of our portfolio companies and the tone set by our investment managers is critical to ensure our teams reflect BlueArck’s values and build on our reputation as we expand into new markets.

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